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    >> Arsenic trioxide Main use
    glass, pesticide, feedstuffs additive, arsanilic acid, wood preservation, metal arsenic, arsenic alloy...

    Hengyang Guomao Chemical Co., Ltd. is situated in scenic Shitang village, Hongsha town, Hengnan county, Hengyang city, Hunan province, China. Abuts from one of the Five Mountains-'MT. Heng', it enjoys pleasant climate, vigorous economy, convenient transportation, and it is a land of treasure.

    Hengyang Guomao Chemical Co., Ltd. is a corporate chemical enterprise engaging in the production, operation and marketing of arsenic(III) oxide and arsenic products; moreover, it also specializes in the treatment of arsenic waste residue for domestic metallurgy industries. The company owns independent export managerial authority. Since its establishment in 2002, the company strictly implements production, marketing, transportation and other management systems, and it has gained favorable credit and word of mouth in domestic and overseas markets for integrity operation. In addition, our company has obtained stable and long-term cooperative partners in Europe, America, North Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and other countries and regions.

    In response to relevant document spirit of the party and government, we've taken the 'green' development road and expanded scale of production and operation. In 2010, the company invested 43 million Yuan RMB and acquired more than 40 thousand sqm (more than 60mu) of land in order to establish new plant and to manufacture new technical equipment and production line. We adopted closed calcination technology and advanced tail gas purification and treatment technology. We have realized integral moving and technical improvement of the plant, thus we have made great improvement on product quality, labor guarantee and environmental protection.

    In face of new journey and new opportunity, we will continue to adhere to the operation philosophy of 'high quality, first class service, honest operation and customer top'. Our company will be dedicated to serving all new and old customers, and we would like to cooperate with old and new customers for mutual development and win-win.


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